Whiteface Mountain from Hurricane Mountain

Introduction to Day Hiking – Reflect

Editor’s Note: This is part four of a introduction to day hiking series.

You’ve done it!  Great job.  Some thing that I like to do after each hike:

  • Sit and relax – you’ve just worked hard for a few hours…take a minute and just simply relax.  I sometimes do this at the trailhead.  Sometimes in the car.  Sometimes at a roadside pond or stream nearby.
  • Especially in your early days, reflect on how things were different than what you expected.  I try hard to learn something new on every hike.  Was my time budget reasonable? Am I more or less tired than expected? What did I not have that I wanted?  Did I not take enough pictures? Too many pictures?
  • Let the person who you left your literary know your safe and sound.
  • Tell others of your trip.  I’m always surprised by people who are avid hikers, that I did not expect.  You’ll connect with new people and perhaps find new hiking partners.
  • Plan your next trip.  Depending on your comfort level, find similar hikes that are longer/steeper.   If you are uncomfortable, cut back on elevation and elevation gain.

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